How is DLS Hosted PBX service priced?

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DLS Hosted PBX offers two pricing plans: Usage-Based and Unlimited. With the usage-based plan, call originating from any device connected to the DLS Hosted PBX are billed at a fixed per-minute rate. With unlimited plan – all calls within contiguous 48 states are included in the price of a seat license.

DLS Hosted PBX service pricing components are:

  1. PBX Engine (there are currently three tiers of the engine: Class A: up to 30 seats, Class B up to 150 seats and Class C: up to 500 seats)
  2. Seat license (any extension which can originate or terminate a call). Seat price may vary depending on which of the two billing plans your company chooses. DLS offers two calling plans – Unlimited and Usage-based. With usage-based plan seat price is lower and does not include unlimited calling within 48 contiguous states.
  3. Optional Modules such as Fax-2-Email, Call Recording, Conferencing and Predictive Dialer