How does your solution differ from other VoIP phone system solutions on the market?

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  1. Our Hosted PBX relies on a tested switching platform.
  2. DLS Hosted PBX does not depend on a shared resource allocation system. Each customer receives dedicated hosted system sized specifically for individual customer. This system is not shared with other customer(s) and therefore is not impacted by the changes in their usage patterns. It is also not subjected to being potentially oversubscribed.
  3. Business VoIP systems do need internet connections, but they also need electricity. Power outage or emergency—earthquakes, fires, snowstorms, and other natural disasters can all crash your network. DLS Hosted PBX servers are housed in a co-location facility complete with redundant network and backup power feeds. DLS Hosted PBX service will continue to operate and receive calls even if one or all of your business locations impacted by any of the aforementioned events.
  4. DLS Hosted PBX service uses the redundant DLS backbone.
  5. DLS can engineer and provision the last mile of your VoIP network to ensure quality of the voice services.