Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. for

Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. for

“…You guys are some of the most knowledgeable and fast support guys I’ve ever worked with. DLS is lucky to have you. Thank you very, very much. ”

Tony Aiello, IT Manager
Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

Best, Vanderlaan & Harrington Law Firm

Best, Vanderlaan & Harrington Law Firm

DLS provides consistent up time and prompt communication explaining issues in the rare event issues arise. We have the ability to immediately reach real and competent people in the United States for support issues; 99% of our support issues are resolved at the first tier level.

We like the flexibility of their PBX phones to make remote phone deployment easy with regular updates of the PBX software to add or tweak features that we need. It helps to have voicemail recordings sent to my email nearly instantly upon being left and having the ability to forward phone calls to cell phones, another extension, etc.

DLS makes it easy with a web-based administration of our PBX system.

M.H., Partner
Best, Vanderlaan & Harrington


<i>Gregory Manglaris, MIS Manager</i> <br>General Kinematics

Gregory Manglaris, MIS Manager
General Kinematics

I’ve had the pleasure of working with DLS for many years now. The technology and support they have provided over the years to General Kinematics is nothing short of fantastic. The PBX solution DLS offers is an extremely stable and excellent product, and I would highly recommend It to any companies on the VOIP fence.

<i>Robert Zehnder</i>, <br>Hodgson Consulting

Robert Zehnder,
Hodgson Consulting

Thank you for the amazing service and support you’ve provided us over the past 6 years. It is a pleasure to be working with you and the team at DLS. The support staff are very professional and knowledgeable and you have always been extremely responsive to my never-ending requests. Send my best wishes to everyone at DLS in this upcoming year.

</i>Lance Seamans, CIO</i>, <br>Car Outlet

Lance Seamans, CIO,
Car Outlet

The DLS team has always been a great pleasure to work with.  They are always available and eager to help me with any situation that I have.  I couldn’t be happier with the way Gerry Vales handles our account.  I can count on him for anything, and he makes me feel like satisfying our every need is his top priority.

<i>Steve Duitsman</i>, <br>Insurance Agent

Steve Duitsman,
Insurance Agent

The DLS Hosted PBX has helped transform how our business operates and has improved our organization’s efficiency.  Its powerful features and ease of use have allowed us to do things we never thought of before; all while improving our customer communications.

<i>Simeon Sneor</i>,<br> Paradigm Productions

Simeon Sneor,
Paradigm Productions

DLS has been an integral partner to meet our clients hosting needs.  All of our servers have been co-located in DLS facilities for nearly 20 years and I would recommend entrusting them for your needs as well.